Introduction to Love

Hi My name is Miriam.. I am totally new to blogging so this is my first post 🙂 after doing some writing/journaling the past few years I have been drawn to share some of the insights I’ve been given. Not only to share with you but also as a way to help open my life to more Light and Love and experience all that there is to Life, the meaning of Pain in whatever form that may be,and learn to Love ourselves as the Angels we are.

I will be posting as I am feeling it..I love to find Deep Treasures hidden in our Beautiful Souls, as we uncover our layers of beliefs and perceptions and allow the Light of Truth to shine on those empty cracks we find pure gold in places we never thought possible. We are Light,Love and True Divine Beings in the midst of this changing world! Be Kind to whomever you meet today and help spread Love and Sunshine!!




Kindness does not mean you sacrifice

what your Heart is asking of You

But being free to say no

And following your Heart.

Be kind to Yourself

and therefore You will be kind

to each Being you meet

Resistance to Your own Heart

Is being unkind to the world.



My HEART is opening up as I give her Love… Love without any expectations. Slow breathe in and out . Letting her know she is near and dear to me. She is my Breathe, my Life,my Divine Angel. I treat her gently and allow her to rest in peace or be in awe when seeing a beautiful flower come to life. I love when she speaks to me thru the wind, or a bird singing or no sound at all. As I place my hand on my chest she feels the warmth of my touch and she knows that she is Dearly Loved.

My beloved Child

I just wanted to remind you of a few things today..

I never left you,I am as close to you as the air you breathe

Even when you are about your daily business

I am there…

I go before you,behind you, to the left and the right of you,

I am in every cell of your body

I am your Life blood

You are a Unique Being, Divinely created, and nothing can or will ever change that Truth..

You have a Unique Purpose like no other,

Do not be afraid to step into the unknowing with Me at your side…

Let Me guide you gently each step of your journey..

Rest along the way and never forget that All is Well at all times,

No matter how it looks on the outside

Be assured everthing is Ok in your Heart

Allow Peace to permeate your Life

And as you do the whole world will be more at Peace

Live in the Beautiful Presence of this Moment..

Love, Your Creator





Experience Love in all its glory..In the mundane everyday moments, whatever you are doing,whether at home, school, work, interacting with people, you can always find Love within your own beautiful Soul. You are so worthy to experience Love, in fact that is All you’ve ever been and what you are at this moment. Love is all around us if we only take the time to see it,know it an feel it….You are dearly LOVED every moment!!